July 28, 2023


Categories: Membership, Website

Creating a Membership Website

Creating a membership website is an excellent way to establish an online community, generate recurring revenue, and provide exclusive content to your audience. However, the process involves making several critical decisions and communicating the benefits of membership effectively. This article will guide you through the considerations involved in setting up a successful membership website.

Deciding on Access: Free or Paid?

The first decision to make when creating a membership website is whether to offer free or paid access.

Free membership sites are excellent for building large communities and driving engagement, but they don’t directly generate revenue. Paid sites, on the other hand, can create a steady income stream but may limit the number of members.

If you opt for a paid membership site, you’ll need to decide on a payment model. A subscription model can provide consistent, predictable revenue, whereas a one-time payment may attract members who prefer not to commit to recurring fees.

Finally, you should consider when payment occurs – at registration or later, perhaps as a donation? Immediate payment can filter out non-serious users, but a donation model allows users to experience the site before deciding to contribute financially.

Defining Member Benefits: What’s the Value?

It’s crucial to clearly define what members receive in exchange for their commitment or payment. Benefits could range from exclusive content access to opportunities for networking and collaboration, to the ability to contribute their own content.

You must identify what would be most appealing to your target audience. If your members are looking for expert knowledge then exclusive articles, webinars, or courses might be the way to go. If networking is a draw, then creating a forum or chat function could be valuable. Of course, you can always do both!

Communicating the Benefits: The Art of Persuasion

After defining the benefits, the challenge lies in communicating these advantages compellingly to potential members. Here are a few tactics:

Clear Messaging: Be explicit about what members receive. List the benefits and use clear, persuasive language to describe them.

Value Proposition: Highlight the unique aspects of your membership site that set it apart from others. What do members gain that they can’t find elsewhere?

Social Proof: Testimonials from satisfied members can greatly enhance your site’s credibility.

Scarcity and Exclusivity: Emphasizing the exclusive nature of your content or limiting the number of memberships can make joining more appealing.

Sign Me Up!: The Registration Process

Once a person decides that they want to become a member, make the process as easy for them as possible. Very clearly point them to the registration form. Only ask for necessary information and keep the form as short as possible. The longer and more complex the process, the more likely potential members could abandon it.

Once they submit the form, will they receive immediate access, or do you want to have them first verify their email address or put them in a queue for admin approval? There is no one correct answer. It’s really up to your community’s needs. Access to highly sensitive information probably requires some extra checks, and would likely be expected.

Once approved, does a new member have access to everything at once, or will you drip content out to them on a schedule? Think though the needs and expectations of your audience. If you meet and exceed their expectations, they’re more likely to stick with you and even refer others to join. If they get a bad first impression, perhaps they’ll cancel, and maybe even tell others not to join.


Creating a membership website is a complex process, with many key decisions to be made. It’s crucial to strike a balance between what you offer to members and the revenue model that sustains your website. Defining and communicating the benefits effectively is key to attracting members and delivering on promises will keep them engaged. Remember, the value of a membership website lies in the unique experience it provides. Ensure your site delivers a compelling, unique experience that encourages visitors to become committed members.